Best Wedding Photographers & Videographers on the Beach at Sandos

Your Special Wedding Day on the Beach at Sandos Cancun

This location is precisely what you dreamed of when you looked through the photos in the magazine. There is nothing superfluous here – just the sea and a white terrace. Nothing will prevent you from enjoying this incredible view and warm sunshine. The laconic design of the space will not distract from the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

Decorations of white and pink fabric on the chairs and a tall vase of orange flowers add to the festive atmosphere. The focal point is the snowy white arch where you will make your promises and say the cherished “I do .”The most touching and essential event of your life will happen here.

The large capacity allows you to invite all the guests and share with them a joyful event. Furthermore, taking a perfect picture in this location is possible because nothing extraneous will be caught in the frame.
Sandos Cancun is located in the hotel area. It has everything you need: gourmet restaurants, cocktails, lounge areas, and swimming pools. You will have an unforgettable time and gain positive emotions.

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Get unforgettable video from your wedding on the Beach at Sandos

To keep all moments of the ceremony and walks not only in memory but also on video, you will need the services of a wedding videographer on the Beach at Sandos. At Vanilla Brides we work with experienced cameramen who can create your incredible video. The advantages of ordering our services include:

    • – personalized approach to every couple;
    • – selection of a scenic location for video shooting;
    • – advice on the best posing.

Our operators use high-quality equipment, thanks to which you will receive the high-quality video. Touching moments after the official registration, meeting with guests and solemn congratulations — every moment of your wedding will remain on film created especially for you.

Professional wedding and engagement photos on the Beach at Sandos

Do you want to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable? You will need quality photos. The best wedding photographers on the Beach at Sandos will help you with this. Don’t rely on your friends to take pictures of you with their phones. These shots are suitable for family viewing, but you always want to enjoy really high quality images. Photographers manage to capture every emotion that arises on your face during the best day with your significant other.

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Islander Resort, Islamorada | Ali + Hudson

Vanilla Brides offers the best options for photography! Photographers from this company are nice attentive and we really appreciate it! Thanks to Vanilla, we have a lot of beautiful pictures. Both Maria, the main photographer, and Roman, the second photographer, are very creative and they made our wedding memorable for years.

-Islander Resort, Islamorada | Ali + Hudson-


We used the services of Vanilla Brides boutique studio and it was exactly what we were looking for and even more. We purchased the Majestic Collection photo and video package, which included 2 photographers and 1 videographer. This company fully satisfied all our desires about how to capture our wedding day. My wife and I loved how organized, punctual, open-minded and fun the Vanilla staff were. Thank you, Vanilla Brides, for being part of our wedding!

-BOCA RATON, FLORIDA | Lauren + Tim-


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