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A wedding ceremony is a special day that you want to remember for years to come. Over time, details fly out of memory, but if at these moments the newlyweds are accompanied by professional photography for weddings, high-quality photographs will remind them of the sacred event all their lives. We respect everyone’s choice, but before you make a serious decision, check out the Vanilla Brides gallery and then the photos taken by your relatives.


Experts use exclusively professional technology, which differs from the phone in high resolution and excellent quality. We guarantee each client that they will be delighted with the work done. Mostly young people who have used the services of wedding photography return to the agency again and again, so go to the site and fill out the form sooner so that we can contact you.

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    About Vanilla Brides Company

    Our company Vanilla Brides has dedicated many years to capturing memorable moments from a wedding ceremony or engagement. We believe in wedding services like no-one else. We decide to use our services, the newlyweds relieve themselves of all responsibility and put it on our shoulders. Now, during the whole holiday, no one needs to take thousands of photos for each guest, because for this a special person is present at the ceremony. Outdoor engagement photography uses professional equipment that is made according to special preference. This allows us to deliver high-quality, high-resolution photographs to our clients in just a few days. You can view the wedding photography price on the website. 

    Additionally, editors can process them for a single style, if the client needs it. The team will take not only photos of the newlyweds, but also of their relatives, friends and the venue itself, where the event is taking place. Usually heroes of the occasion are asked to make a unique photo session with bold desires and photography services for weddings cannot refuse. We are ready to bring any idea to life as soon as possible. 

    Vanilla Brides is the most experienced nationwide photography and videography company. We began our small business in South Florida, Southern California, Arizona and now operate successfully in every state in the United States. We are ready to make your dreams come true.

    Wedding Photography and Videography Services

    The team of our company consists of skilled photographers, videographers, editors, etc. They will help capture a memorable event and preserve dear memories for a lifetime. We offer you a full service package to create the best memories for your special day. This includes photography, videography and special offer editing. And when you’ll share your photos and videos with those who couldn’t attend the wedding, they will have the feeling that they were there. Vanilla Brides will make sure that every moment of engagement, especially the “I do” one, will be captured as perfectly as it can.

    Professional wedding photography and videography services will do everything that in the solemn moment you are not overwhelmed with the details of the celebration. Friends do not have to constantly hold the phone in their hands to take several pictures, because the newlyweds and all guests will be photographed by trained people.

    We are ready to do our best to help you to remember your most perfect day. With Vanilla Brides you’ll be sure that you don’t have to control photographers every step and check the quality of each photo. With our excellent service, you will feel lightness and lack of excitement at all stages of preparation and the most memorable event.

    Why Choose Vanilla Brides?

    Nationwide Wedding photography and videography company highlights your special day and creates the perfect experience of the most memorable day in your life. We’ve asked many people about the most important and memorable days in their life and their wedding day was one of those days. So don’t hesitate to create the best memories and ask Vanilla Brides for their services. We have a great team of professionals that are ready to create your biggest dream and your best experience. We will capture every moment of your love story, be sure about that. 

    Be inspired. Check out our exceptional work. All those beautiful, happy, and darling couples sharing their day with you. You can get a little glimpse of how your wedding photos will turn out to celebrate your big day by looking at our posts. We love to share it all on social media with you. Isn’t it fun to see everyone’s wedding day in all its gloriousness? Truly special. Have a great time checking it outbecause we know it will put a smile on your face. Come along and follow us!


    Hassle Free From Start to Finish

    We believe in wedding photography and videography services provided to you hassle free. The entire process is going to be a seamless experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the moments leading up to the wedding and the amazing day itself.

    A dedicated consultant will be your partner from start to finish. They will help you pick out the perfect package, includingour most popular packages, or the ability to customize your own. Your wish is our command.

    Then we’ll deliver all your treasured wedding photos and videos that highlight your day in the best way possible. It will be our pleasure to make sure documenting the entire event will be a smooth and wonderful experience. All you have to do is enjoy the many beautiful momentsthat will make your day one to remember for always.