The magic that is only possible at wedding ceremonies is incomparable to anything else. The way two people who love each other anticipate the moment when they will become a married couple. Watching how closest people support and encourage the bride and groom. The couple David + Stephanie held their own magnificently throughout the ceremony. They walked down the aisle confident in their choice. The process of exchanging vows was touching. It was impossible to hold back the tears watching the lovers and hearing them confess their pure, sincere and deep love, promising to be always a support and encouragement for each other.

David + Stephanie │ San Jose

The holiday was a great success. All the guests had fun, laughed, participated in contests, danced and congratulated the newly married couple. Such a relaxed, playful atmosphere was facilitated by the venue of the celebration. The preparation for the ceremony took place in nature surrounded by beautiful greenery and lush trees. The ceremony itself took place in an incredibly luxurious place, the interior of which was made in delicate cream colors. The video was very tender, touching and emotional.