Do you provide videography services?

Yes, we do! Take a look at our Vimeo page to see examples, or ask your booking consultant to show you videos that are relevant to your wedding style.

Are there any limitations on the photos and video I’ll receive?

There are absolutely NO limitations on your raw images/videos. All footage captured on the day of your wedding is yours to keep and we transfer all rights to you. However, the amount of edited footage is subject to package you choose.

Why should I choose Vanilla Brides over local photographers?

We know how important your big day is. We keep that in mind with everything that we do, and we work with premier photographers in your area that are otherwise hard to book.

Fun fact: some of the industry’s most elite creatives don’t even advertise themselves. Because of their immense talent and high demand, they work exclusively upon partnerships and referrals. Not to mention, the administrative work that comes with booking clients can seem mundane to creatives who value making art over doing office work.

That’s where we come in. Here at Vanilla Brides, we’ve created a small community of the best industry creatives. We help them focus on what they like — making your vision come to life — while we manage the administrative side and provide clients (like you!) with top-level

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Our community of photographers is based out of a handful of states, like California, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and New York. There will be no travel fees charged if one of our photographers lives nearby and if your destination wedding is to one of those cities.

Don’t worry: if your wedding is in a different city than we cover — or if it’s out of the country — we can do that too, it just may involve some travel fees.

Which photographer will be shooting my wedding?

All Photographers from Vanilla Brides team are very experienced and has been working under Vanilla Brides visual style. Your consultant will provide you with more information based on your wedding date and availability of our Photographers.

Have you shot at my venue before?

We have shot at hundreds of venues, so there is a good chance that we have shot at your wedding venue before. Please check with your booking consultant about your particular venue in order to confirm whether or not we’ve shot there before.

Can I see your complete wedding day portfolio?

Sure. Please ask your booking consultant to share full-day portfolios.

What should I expect after I book?

Once you have booked with Vanilla Brides, we schedule your wedding with the photographer and share their contact info with you. Approximately one month before your wedding we will arrange a call with you and your photographer, where you can discuss details of your day and figure out a timeline for your photographer/videographer. The 30-day mark has been proven to be the best time to finalize details and schedules, since your most important wedding details are complete — but there’s still enough time to make minor timeline tweaks if necessary.

On the day of your wedding, your photographer will arrive 10 to 20 minutes early to prepare to shoot the event. S/he will have your timeline and other necessary information about your wedding ready to go, so you can be worry-free. Not to mention, your booking consultant is always available via phone and email to answer your questions before and after your wedding.

How long does it take to deliver my photos/video?

Photos are typically delivered within a week of your wedding, while video can take up to 4 weeks to edit. This is an estimate, and it can be shorter or longer depending on various circumstances. No matter the exact time frame, we make every effort to make sure your big day is captured beautifully.