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    As one of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco, we are in the business of preserving love through timeless photos, on the day you say “I do.” At Vanilla Brides, visual storytelling for the wildly in love is what we are passionate about, making us one of San Francisco’s most loved wedding photography companies.

    Wedding photographer San Francisco bay area is the ideal string of words to use when searching for the best creative artist to capture the intimate moments on your wedding day. Our team of professional photographers allow you to relive your romantic memories through multimedia magic. As we edit your wedding photos and videos, we combine the best highlights of your special date, the wedding location, and the people who were present to celebrate your union.

    We are aware of the beautiful opportunities that come from selecting a wedding photo location that aligns with your needs. As experts in our craft we have a listing of the best photo sceneries. We will go through them, helping you pick out the  wedding photographer site San Francisco that appeals to you.

    Choosing a SF wedding photographer

    You fell in love and you are sure they are the one. You want to share the good news with the world, remember this milestone with fond recollections, and photo souvenirs. Considering engagement photography in San Francisco, California is an excellent way to keep these memories alive.

    And it doesn’t stop at that!

    Vanilla Brides understands each romantic journey is unique and we want to be a part of its documentation process up until the wedding. Every couple deserves the perfect photography, one of the reasons our photographer wedding cost is affordable. We also allow couples to customize their options, allowing them to get their ideal special day.

    In our quest to give couples the perfect wedding memories, we strive to gain a deeper understanding on what they love and things that are dear to them that can influence our photography for the better. This helps to plan the people and places that are instrumental to your love journey.

    • People: We want to meet the team that contributed to your love story. We want to know the main players in your romance and the supporting cast. When drafting the script for your shoot, we profile your ‘love team’ and build this into the wedding photos gallery. This guarantees a blend of all the faces you’d like to remember when you think back to your wedding day.


    • Places: As a couple in love, you’d probably be deeply passionate about certain places. These locations are colored with your memory of romance, dating, and “making it official”. At Vanilla Brides, we believe these places contribute to deciding the theme of your wedding venue. We consider our job successfully done when we have helped you to portray the romantic spots important to your union.