It is impossible to remain unaffected when looking at the couple Mary + Chase. They conquer with their sincerity, tenderness, sweetness, awe towards each other. Young people experience true happiness when they are together. This did not escape the camera, conveying exactly all the emotions and feelings. The videographer captured the key moments of the wedding, did not ignore the guests of the event. In the eyes of the lovers glowed joy and anticipation of a happy and long life together. The video turned out to be very touching, “alive”, magical. All the important moments were caught on camera, which allows to keep this event in the memory of everyone who was involved in it.

Mary + Chase │ Islamorada

Islamorada is all about calm and serene waters, rich in natural resources. Luxurious palm trees, bright and colorful greenery surrounded the couple and instilled peace in them. The shoot was held outdoors and indoors, where the wedding ceremony itself took place. The extremely scenic views of the area impress everyone who happens to be there. The uniqueness of the place is that it combines unrealistically beautiful lush greenery with the stormy waters of the sea. You can go to the shore or hide behind tall green trees. All participants of the celebration experienced unforgettable emotions from being in such beauty.