Best Wedding Photography Tips and Ideas

From the fanciest venue to you and your new husband or wife dressing to the nines for your glamorous event — all these beautiful memories can be forgotten without good photography.

Considering that wedding photography mistakes can forever ruin what we supposed to be an unforgettable day, we have come up with different helpful tips for wedding photography to make sure you get top quality images on your special day.

At Vanilla Brides, we understand every bride and groom wants exceptional wedding photos. And as such, we offer one-of-a-kind wedding photography shot ideas to help make your day memorable. That way, you’ll have spectacular videos and photos to look back on years down the line with a smile.Each picture is captured to clearly depict the emotions you felt at the given stages of your union.

With the location in mind, we will look at the different sceneries that will create a perfect background and build on the idea. Since our photographers are experts with decades of experience in wedding photography, you can rest assured they will share invaluable tips to make your day a success.

Our goal is to ensure we brainstorm ideas and execute them to make your forthcoming nuptials unforgettable.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies

Just because you intend to have a civil marriage doesn’t mean you can’t have professionally-taken wedding photos. At Vanilla Brides, we also specialize in civil wedding photography, allowing you to have great photos for keepsake. Furthermore, you will have memories to look back to for a lifetime.

Our gallery has quite a number of  creative wedding photography ideas that you can look at to give you an idea of what to expect. We will capture seen and unseen events to give you an all-rounded view of how successful the event was. Trust that we will brighten your day, bring out the love and joy surrounding your special event.


Hassle Free From Start to Finish

We believe in wedding photography and videography services provided to you hassle free. The entire process is going to be a seamless experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the moments leading up to the wedding and the amazing day itself.

A dedicated consultant will be your partner from start to finish. They will help you pick out the perfect package, includingour most popular packages, or the ability to customize your own. Your wish is our command.

Then we’ll deliver all your treasured wedding photos and videos that highlight your day in the best way possible. It will be our pleasure to make sure documenting the entire event will be a smooth and wonderful experience. All you have to do is enjoy the many beautiful momentsthat will make your day one to remember for always.