Why do you need to hire a proposal photographer?

A proposal is a marvelous event in your life. You dare to put yourself there for the other person, you are excited and nervous at the same time, but certainly, it would be one of those moments that you will take through your life and then share with your kids and their kids. 

When you are getting ready for the proposal, you need to think through every aspect of it: the ring, the day, the place, the words… The thing you might miss is cooperating with a proposal photographer.
Now, you might think: “Do I really need a professional photographer to capture the proposal?” Well, we would say that the answer is clearly a “yes”, and in this article, we would explain why.

It’s a one-time event

A proposal is such a precious event in the life of the couple (of course, if you are not Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan!). It only happens once, and your mind will definitely go back to this day over the course of years. So, why not make some photos to preserve this event not only in your memories but in visual proof?

You won’t definitely have time or even the opportunity to shoot anything that will happen, as you will be on the action and focused on totally different things. Of course, you can always ask friends or family to help you and snap a few photos, but there are some downfalls to this strategy. First, if your close ones aren’t moonlighting as professional photographers, there is a chance that the shoots won’t be as great as you might have expected. Second, you might not want to have your friends or family members on the scene when it happens, whether you want it to be more private or you are afraid that they will ruin the surprise.

At the same time, a secret photographer for the proposal will blend with the surroundings and provide you with high-quality shoots. There are experts, they know where to stand to catch all emotions you are your partner will express. A great marriage proposal photographer will not only choose the optimal technical settings and blur the background but also will be able to tell a story of your relationships in a beautiful and unintrusive manner.

You get a lot of top-notch photos you might need for later

Let’s look at this from another perspective. You will need photos of yourself for different purposes while planning the wedding, namely for save-the-date cards for the wedding or engagement celebration, for the wedding website; maybe you will even want to display them somewhere in the venue of the reception.

And, of course, for the most essential thing: social media. Most definitely, you and your partner will want to notify people about your engagement, show off the ring, and just add a few nice shots to your Instagram feed to express your emotions to your subscribers.

Professional shoots would work great for all that purposes. More likely, if you don’t choose to cooperate with an engagement proposal photographer now, you will need to plan and stage a session later to get these photos.

You get a person to help you plan the proposal

An ideal proposal takes a lot of time to be planned and prepared. You need to create this perfect, valuable moment. You need to show how important the loved one is to you, maybe to refer to some memorable times of your journey together. At the same time, you should take care of logistics and ensure everything will go according to the plan.

There is a lot at stake, so as well as a lot of pressure, which you might benefit from sharing. You might not want to share the news with friends and family beforehand, again, worrying that they might reveal it accidentally. A secret engagement photographer help here greatly, as they won’t spill the bean, they have a lot of expertise about proposals, so they can share some valuable info and point out the aspects you might have missed.

Your fiancée would appreciate it

It would be a great, thoughtful gesture to hire a wedding proposal photographer. It would show that you took the time to get prepared for it and that you approached this event in a serious manner. Your partner will be touched to find out that you took care of such details and decided to save this moment, so you can return to it whenever you want.

It would be even greater if your partner has a favorite wedding proposal photographer, and you have hired them to make your marriage proposal photography. It is an admirable way to show that you know your future spouse and that you care, isn’t it?

You can test a photographer to shoot your future wedding

A lot of wedding proposal photographers are, in fact, wedding photographers. A proposal might become just the first stage of cooperation.

Getting prepared for the proposal photoshoot and doing it might be an opportunity to test the photographer, see if you are clicking with them, and see if they are in tune with you.  You must understand that a wedding shot is much longer. On average, the photographer is going to be there for 6-10 hours, following you on every part of the event. Hence, you need to find a person you will be okay with being there for such a long period.

There is another benefit to having the same photographer for the proposal and wedding. A lot of them offer photographer packages for wedding that might give you a discount if you book them for both occasions.

Best ideas for how to make a surprise photo shoot for a proposal

So, you chose to have a photographer for an engagement proposal. It’s the right decision, and it will simplify your life. So, what can you do to make this event perfect and make sure that everything goes without an issue?

Choose a memorable location

Why do you need to hire a proposal photographer?

Where did you meet, where did you go on a first date, where did you first kiss? If you and your partner are romantics, these places have a big significance, and it would be only right to pop the question there. 

So, go and scout the location with the photographer, assess the lighting, crowd, and angles, and plan your proposal to happen in the lobby of a school where you first met your future spouse or in the park where you ask them on a first date.


Why do you need to hire a proposal photographer?

If you want this event to go without a hitch, practice beforehand. Practice the way you will kneel and present the ring, practice the words you will say, practice how you will bring your partner to the destination where you want to do it.

This way, when the moment comes, and you are panicking, you have a bigger chance of not tripping and falling or doing something else that might be awkward.

Embrace raw emotions

Kyle & Dominique 33
Kyle Dominique

It would be very emotional. You might be smiling, you might be laughing, or even crying. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace your feelings and show them. You have the right to express any reaction you might have, as well as your partner.

So don’t worry about having photos when you are crying or something like that. These would be the best shoots, as they would show your candid emotions, and that’s what is valuable about this photoshoot. In five, ten, or twenty years, you would be glad to see the photo that captured the sincere cocktail of emotions you have been experiencing during that moment.

Have an emergency kit

It is going to be a surprise for your partner, hence, they won’t have the privilege of being prepared as you are. Hence, you should help them. Bring some wipes, makeup, a mirror, a phone charger, and maybe even some Tylenol, so in case your partner needs to put themselves in order before taking some pose shots after the actual question, you will give them the stuff they need.

Use a keepsake

Why do you need to hire a proposal photographer?

If you want to get creative, you might want to use some kind of keepsake. The options are endless, it depends on the capacities of your imaginations and your preferences. You might use a chalkboard to write the question, you might prepare a note beforehand, or you might obtain a small customized gift or, on the contrary, a big and vivid piece of artwork to commemorate this date.

Either way, it would be an item you will associate with the engagement and save in your house. It will also make interesting, unique shoots that will stand out among other couples’ photoshoots.

In Conclusion

Having a professional for photos is both a way to ensure their quality and also to have a person that will help you go through this wonderful but quite intense event. Are you still wondering: “Should I get a photographer for the proposal?” Hopefully, you have already settled and now search for a reliable wedding photo company to connect you with a good surprise proposal photographer.