When to Book Your Wedding Photographer?

There is nothing as heart-wrenching for us professional wedding photographers as turning down a lovely couple who would give anything for us to capture their celebration of love. It must be even worse for the lovers to settle for less than their dream cameraman having missed the time to book wedding photographer. But all this heartache can be avoided if the soon-to-be-married lovers know exactly the best time for booking a wedding photographer, and that is what Vanilla Brides will be covering in this guide. 

What is the perfect time for booking a photographer for a wedding?

How far in advance to book wedding photographer will mostly depend on the time of the year you wish to get hitched. With most lovers preferring to wed during the fall and summer seasons, some months of the year are more difficult to find wedding photographer and will require booking well in advance. If wedding photography is crucial for your nuptials, then knowing when to book photographer for wedding is just as important. We suggest the following timelines depending on several factors.

  • 9 Months. With most celebrations being scheduled on Saturdays, you have the liberty to book a wedding photography within the 9 months leading to yours provided yours falls on any other day of the week that is not a Saturday. However, every area has a wedding frenzy season and if yours is scheduled within that period, you are better off securing that booking earlier than 9 months.
  • 12 months. The general wedding frenzy season in the US starts in May and ends around November, although this may differ for your area. Weekends during this period are usually so crammed up with weddings that all the top talents in photography are booked for most weekends 12 months in advance. If you decide to get married during this period then we recommend you reach out to your favorite cameramen at least 12 months in advance if you are to secure the best talent in the area.
  • 18 months. If you are going for the big names in the industry for your wedding day photography, then you may want to book as early as 18 months before your nuptials. Renowned cameramen can receive bookings as early as two years in advance so you do not want to miss out by contacting them late. Also, there are select dates throughout the year when a lot of photographic activity happens. Think weekends like Valentine’s Day in February when a lot of lovers are out there creating picturesque memories. Cameramen are usually so busy on weekends like these that to secure their services you may have to reach out to them at least 18 months in advance. Other dates to consider are important holidays that may fall on a weekend and the busiest weekends during the wedding frenzy season. 

Important things to understand when to book a wedding photographer

  • When you reach out to potential cameramen for your nuptials, they will want to know when and where your wedding will be. It is best to approach your prospective service providers once you have a date and have secured a place for your nuptials.
  • If your nuptials and the photos are extremely important to you, then you want to find the top talent in photography. The earlier you book the better for the availability of the best in the industry cameramen.
  • Saturdays are when most weddings happen. If you are having yours on a Saturday, book well in advance. Any other day? You can take chances as the day approaches.
  • During wedding frenzy periods like June, September, and October, the prices for cameramen are higher compared to the cold months of the year.
  • Depending on your venue, local wedding photographers are usually more cost-effective as they will not need to travel far for your nuptials.


Cameramen require sufficient time to prepare for your nuptials. Booking well in advance not only allows you to secure the best cameraman you can find, but also gives them ample time to get to know you and your preferences, visit your wedding place, and even schedule a pre-wedding photoshoot for you and your spouse.