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    Pre-wedding videos are a way of making a statement of your love and expressing how you feel. Couples can decide to immortalise their love in video format showing every emotion from the engagement down to the wedding day. Videos capture moments that pictures may leave out and tell the story of the day. When searching for a wedding videographer in Atlanta, there are many factors couples must consider and one that is most often ignored is budgeting. How do you get the best videographer on an affordable budget? We will explore some tips to aid you.

    How to find an affordable wedding videographer in Atlanta

    When people hear the word ‘affordable’ most times they associate it with the word cheap. But that’s often not the case as affordable simply refers to working within a budget. When searching for affordable wedding local videography in Atlanta, there are certain factors you must consider before choosing a videographer.

    1. How experienced is the videographer? Experience, skill level and style play a huge role in the fees a videographer would charge. He must have spent years honing his skills and would probably have a portfolio with a wide range of clients. You can check their portfolio of videos of wedding to ensure that they are masters at the art.
    2. Tools: While quality equipment does not automatically translate to quality video, the type of tools also determine the fees. However, if you are expecting certain coverages such as aerial view then you know that the videographer needs to have top-notch tools.
    3. The Location of the wedding: An Atlanta wedding videography should have a price range within your budget or be designed according to what you want as a result. Videographers may also charge based on the area and location or based on how far they have to travel.
    4. Time spent: This is the most important factor to the videographer. Some may charge by the hour, while some may charge a lump sum for the entire coverage.

    Selecting the right budget plan for your engagement videographer in Atlanta, Georgia

    When it comes to budgeting for your engagement or searching for wedding videography in Atlanta, you should have an overall idea of what your budget for the entire event will be. Your videographer will offer you different plans that would fit right into your budget. However, multiple factors determine the budget package you will get and they include.

    • The time frame of delivery: A lot of work has to go into the post-production of the video and how fast you want it, will reflect on your wallet. The editing process may differ depending on the videographer.
    • Do you want any raw footage? Most couples want every single detail of what went on on the day of their engagement captured. That means the videographer would send them the raw footage. This can also reflect on the budget you decide to choose. Also some couples may want videos specifically for their Instagram pages and this is also reflected in the packages.
    • How long do you want it to be? Usually, it takes about 6 to 8 hours and most often couples want their videographer present but not obtrusive. This means you have to work out the modalities of timing and interference you want with your videographer. When considering getting an affordable wedding videographer in Atlanta, you may also want to consider getting one close to you.

    You do not have to worry about finding the best engagement videographer in Atlanta, Georgia and how affordable they can be. At Vanilla brides we have packages that would fit right into your budget while giving you a classic and lush coverage of your joyous day.