Wedding photography tips and ideas

The wedding planning takes a lot of time, but when this day finally comes, it goes by very quickly, leaving only memories. Beautiful wedding photos, carefully stored in the album, will become a real family treasure. After all, these memories are about the most wonderful day.

To get great photos you need to think about how to perform a wedding photo shoot. Here are some tips by Vanilla Brides to make your wedding pictures good, natural and interesting.

  1. Discuss the place of the walk with your photographer in advance. Explain your desires, and the specialist will advise you on suitable places and an approximate travel time.
  2. Choose the style of the celebration and decide what kinds of props for a shooting you need. All accessories like huge letters, hearts, hats, blankets, etc. should match the style and colors of your wedding.
  3. If you take guests for a walk, decide what to do with them for a while, when you are involved in photo session. You can, for example, hire a master of ceremonies, who will entertain them, or a second photographer.
  4. Preference should be given to a comfortable wedding dress. If the walk will be provided on the nature, luxury dress and classic tuxedo will not suit for this location. It’s better to choose straight light dress for a bride and the groom can complement his outfit with a vest, suspenders and unusual bow tie.
  5. If the wedding shoes are very beautiful, but not intended for walks in nature, take a second pair. The photographer may ask you to walk along the beach or climb up that little hillock, so cute flats will very useful and comfortable.
  6. During the photo session, give your phones to friends and entrust organizing moments to responsible people (or to the wedding planner). On the wedding day (and especially during the shooting), you should not be distracted by organizational issues. 
  7. During the wedding registration, be calm and measured, don’t haste, then the photographer will have time to capture all the touching moments.
  8. You will get a perfect photographer – someone with whom you will be comfortable communicating and in whose skills you will be confident. And then listen to this specialist in everything. Try not to ask “What to do?” or “How do we stand or sit?”. Sometimes it confuses thoughts. The best poses and images for your couple figure out in the process. Therefore, position yourself as comfortable for you, and then the photographer will correct your poses, put in order your dress / tie and tell you if something needs to be changed.
  9. Some people (especially men) do not feel very comfortable in front of the camera. A good way to relax and practice a little is to do a pre-wedding Love Story photo shoot. In this way you will get to know the photographer better and will feel more confident on the day of the celebration.
  10. Don’t try to work for the camera. You should be yourself and enjoy the moment. The most sincere photo is spontaneous! Don’t look into the lens unless the specialist asks you for that. Look at each other and give in to your feelings if you want to hug or kiss your lover instead of waiting the photographers signal.