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    Memories do no justice to moments of love and that’s why we preserve them in pictures. Imagine the memories that hit you 20 years flipping through your pictures? Each detail of the day is captured so distinctly that years later every memory is frozen in time. However, how would you get the best memories of your big day captured in vividly clear images? It’s simple, get a dexterous lensman to capture your day! But here’s where most brides face a lot of challenges, especially when in Chicago. How do I find the best wedding photographers in Chicago IL? Even before the wedding, lovers need Chicago engagement photographers to capture the pop the question moment.

    3 Key ways to identify some of the best wedding photographers in Chicago

    So what are love birds searching for in a wedding cameraman and what are the signs to look out for in top wedding photographers in Chicago? There are several features that can help you identify the right kind of cameraman for your wedding in Chicago. Great cameramen in Chicago would possess the following,

    A Portfolio of Real Weddings: It will be a disaster to select a lensman whose portfolio is filled with stock images of weddings or images of models. You want a cameraman that has worked with real wedding events and couples and has the patience to handle people who do not know how to pose. Models have had years of training and can stand for hours under intense lighting to get a perfect picture. But a nervous bride might not be able to achieve the same result. Also, editing styles of stock images and modelling shots may be time-bound and if you are going for timeless images, editing styles should be noted. You want someone that fits into your editing preference and from his portfolio, you can choose the one that suits you best. Some photographers go as far as offering wedding photography tips to help couples and guests feel at ease on the big day.

    Great but realistic Reviews: What does their customer review say about them? One popular saying states that ‘experience is the best teacher.’ But dear bride to be, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to make fresh mistakes of your own. While it is important to get a cameraman with a great portfolio, customers usually have something to say. How fast would you get the image, what’s their attitude like when interacting with the couple and guest on the big day? Getting a referral can also be a way of getting some of the best wedding photographers in Chicago. You still have to do a bit of digging to know more about the experiences of other couples with the agency.

    Expert at Technical Detailing and Creativity: You can notice how creative your photo is from the pictures they have on their portfolio. It could be as little as capturing a single tear rolling down the cheeks of the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle to other little details. On the other hand, look out for technical details such as intentional focusing (how sharp or blurry the pictures are). Also, look out for the wedding dress detailing without overexposure. All these you can find in the portfolio they present you with.

    How to get the best engagement photos in Chicago?

    Of course, the engagement comes before the wedding and most often couples may decide to use the same photo outlet for both events. But do you know that when planning for engagement photos in Chicago, the duty doesn’t lie squarely on the shoulders of the camera crew? So how can you get a beautiful engagement photo gallery to look back on:
    – Select a great venue as you do not want your images to contain a lot of foregrounding.
    – Select your outfit thoughtfully.
    – Get a fantastic decorator to design your venue.
    – Decide who you want to be there and what you want them doing with your photographer ahead of time.

    Your photographer will do the magic of giving you beautiful images only if you work with him. When it comes to wedding photography in Chicago, some of the best photos have come out from Vanilla Brides. We ensure that couples have every single piece of memory and emotion encapsulated in time forever.