12 Easy Tips to Pose For Wedding Photos

Not sure how to pose for wedding photos on your big day? Beat your camera anxiety or enhance your wedding album with these 12 wedding poses for photos ideas. Take the inspiration and mix things up to create a list of photo poses for wedding that is unique to you and your spouse, and share the list with your cameraman. 

Tip 1: The Cheer Ladies

Moments before the couple exchanged vows, the bridal party can have a toast to their soon-to-be-hitched friend. This shot captures the happiness and support of the bridesmaids over their friend’s big day. A memory to be shared forever.

Tip 2: The Adorable Dress

After months of searching for the perfect wedding gown, the bride has one more look at the adorable dress moments she puts on and walks down the aisle. With this photo, the bride can carry the joys and lows and eventual success of her wedding preparation. 

Tip 3: First Look

Do you recall that feeling you had as your newly-wedded wife walked down the aisle and you saw her beauty in her adorable dress for the first time? The first look snapshot stores the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day. Whether it is taken in the moment or as a re-enactment is a photoshoot afterward, this shot remains a must-have on your list of ideas for wedding photo poses.

Tip 4: Affectionate Forehead Kiss

Nothing says “lovers and friends” more than an affectionate kiss to the forehead. If a kiss to the forehead signifies emotional closeness, then what better way to store in memory the feelings lovers feel on the day they exchange vows and say, “I do”? In this shot, the groom passionately places a kiss on the bride’s forehead while she closes her eyes to receive all the affection.

Tip 5: Beneath The Veil

Create your little world in which only you and your spouse exist in closeness under the veil. In this photo, the bride flips her veil over the groom as they gaze into each other’s eyes. This classic shot never falls flat.

Tip 6: Dip and Kiss

Yet another timeless dance move-inspired classic pose. The “Dip and Kiss” shot borders between playful and elegant. It can be performed in a garden of flowers, with the bridal party in the background or with only the lovers and a beautiful landscape behind them.

Tip 7: Connected Minds

In addition to being cute and cozy, the forehead-to-forehead snap indicates your like-mindedness in a “two becoming one” kind of way. For these reasons, we suggest you consider it for your photo poses for wedding couples list.

Tip 8: The First Stroll

Add motion to your wedding album by having this combination of a handhold and taking your “first walk” as newlyweds. Never mind the cameraman, be natural, live in the moment, and trust your cameraman to capture the moment. You can choose to walk away from the camera or towards it.

Tip 9: Got Your Back

Here is a pose that says, “I’ve got your back.” You could also have this back-to-back shot before the first look as you turn around to see each other for the first time on your wedding day. Other couples resort to this first look experience before walking down the aisle.

Tip 10: Live. Love. Laugh

Show off your playful side by cracking a joke and breaking in laughter while the photographer captures your natural reactions. Laughter shots are a favorite among the photography community and we think they are a must-have in all albums for weddings.

Tip 11: Gentle Kiss From The Back

Take things up a notch with a picture of the groom with his hands wrapped around the bride’s waist from the back as you share a slow-motion kiss to allow the cameraman to capture all the frames before, during, and after your lips come together.

Tip 12: Sunset Kiss

Add more flair to your kissing shot by waiting for the opportune time when the golden sun can shine behind your kiss, then have the cameraman press the shutter right before your lips touch.

Wedding Pose Mistakes To Avoid

  • Having different photographers for your engagement and wedding shoots. What is best is finding wedding photographers who also do an engagement photoshoot. This allows you to use your engagement photoshoot to get acquainted with your cameraman and rehearse your photography wedding poses before your wedding day. 
  • Not having a list of poses. Provide your cameraman with a list of poses your would like to have in your wedding album.
  • Many couples forget to enjoy the moment as they pose for wedding photos trying to create the perfect picture. Do not be stiff and shy. Enjoy the moment with the love of your life and let your trusted photographer mind the shooting angles.