20 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

With over 120,000 cameramen in the US, finding the right one for your wedding may be a laborious task. However, with the right questions to ask photographers for wedding your search can be a smooth operation and you will be guaranteed an excellent photography service. 

At the center of the questions for wedding photographer lie your needs and preferences. If you do not know what those are, you could begin by sifting through the internet for wedding portraits on sites like Pinterest to see what moves you. Once you have your expectations in place, you will know how to talk to photographers for wedding and separate the best from the lot. Still not sure what to ask, Vanilla Brides has got you covered with the following 20 things to ask a wedding photographer.  

Ask if they are unoccupied on your big day

Of all the questions for wedding photographer this is the one you would want to begin with. You do not want to go through with all the interview questions only to find out that they are already committed to another event on the day you want them to come through for you.

Do they have other weddings on the same day?

Perhaps they can make it to your wedding but they also have another shoot on the day. How could this potentially affect your schedule and what if you need extra hours? Make sure your cameraman can commit fully to your wedding before paying that deposit.

What are their wedding package options and costs?

Check what features their packages include from the number of hours to the number of shots you will receive after the job is done. Are there any packages that fit your needs and budget? Do they offer extra hours and at what cost should you need to extend? Are the packages flexible? These are all critical questions to ask a potential wedding photographer.

Do they do an engagement shoot?

This will allow you to build rapport with your cameraman, calm your nerves and see how they shoot before the wedding.

What is their photographing style?

Do they expect poses in all snaps or do they go for more candid snapshots while remaining almost invisible throughout the wedding?

Request to see their portfolio

Request to see the cameraman’s wedding and engagement photography gallery to rate the quality of work and determine if their photographing style is something you would like for your nuptials. 

Have they worked at your venue?

You do not want your cameraman coming in blind on the day. If they have not worked at the venue, find out if they will do a site visit.

How many years of experience do they have?

The more expertise a cameraman has the better their quality and range of shots.

Are they bringing a second cameraman?

Depending on the size of your wedding, a cameraman may need to bring an aide to ensure all the valued moments are captured.

Have they worked with your video men or planner?

You are better off with a vendor who has a rapport with your videographer and wedding planner.

Do they deliver printed or digital portraits?

Do you prefer hardcopy portraits or digital or both? Find out if your cameraman delivers your portraits in your preferred format.

How long after the wedding do they deliver portraits?

Some wedding cameramen take longer than usual to deliver the processed portraits. Ask when you can expect to receive yours.

Can you give them a list of portraits?

Find out if you can give your cameraman a list of portraits you will need to feature in your album.

Is the travel charge part of the package?

If there is a considerable distance to get to your wedding venue, your cameraman may require that you foot the travel bill.

Food provision included in the contract?

No wedding cameraman wants to spend the whole day without eating. If food provision is not encompassed in the contract, be courteous to ask what meals you can provide them with.

Do they have backup hardware and indemnity?

Something could go wrong with cameras or other hardware. Is your potential cameraman going to bring backup hardware to prevent interruptions? In case property gets damaged or someone gets hurt because of the cameraman’s work, do they have liability insurance to protect themselves?

Who has rights to the portrait?

You may be surprised that some cameramen retain the rights to wedding portraits they produce. If you want full ownership, find a cameraman that gives you all the rights.

Are they going to post on social media pages?

Just like you asked to see their gallery, your portraits could end up in public places too. Find out whether your consent will be required should they decide to post on their pages and website.

How much down payment is required and when?

You will be required to make a down payment to secure a booking for photography for a wedding and engagement photoshoot. Find out how long prior to the big day the down payment is required. 

Find out how to proceed with the reservation?

Happy with the cameraman you found? Last on our list of what to ask a wedding photographer are the next steps to secure a booking.