Best wedding photographers in Gainesville

We all enjoy a great marriage but undeniably, amazing images make them even more memorable. So, ensure you have chosen reliable Gainesville, FL wedding photographers to tick the box.

Employ shutterbugs that would listen, comprehend your form, and suggest even more amazing styles for the photos of a wedding.

Now, this is where Vanillabrides steps in. We are eager and excited to turn every dream ceremony memorable. With our Gainesville wedding photographers who know all the best sites, we can suggest lovely venues for photoshoots.

Contact us today, choose a category, and get a quote so we can document every bit of your love story.

Gainesville wedding portfolio

visual storytellers for the wildly in love


Some of our favorite images in wedding photography in Gainesville, FL

Here are a few notable bits in a wedding ceremony:

  • 1. The Beauty Moment. Remember to get the cameramen to get shots of the getting-ready minutes for both the bride and groom. 
  • 2. The accessories.  If you will be donning something old, new, or borrowed, ensure you get shots of them. From your earrings, bracelets, hairdo, veil, bridal bouquet, and shoes, get pictures of them all.
  • 3. The Bridal Portrait. Don’t be shy. Get a full wedding picture to show off the attire, smile, and pretty face.
  • 4. The Groom. Give him the chance to play a dapper GQ model.


The Candid Moments. These are those periods where the couple is just lost in themselves completely oblivious of the camera. These parts of Gainesville wedding photography are usually authentic and adorable.

Some other beautiful times include the ceremony scene, the first kiss, first dance, wedding party, the aisle walk, ring exchange, the cake, and the last kiss.

Best ideas for engagement photos in Gainesville, Florida

Below are a few concepts you could borrow for an engagement photo gallery

  • 1. The place you met. Perhaps it was a bookstore, café, or restaurant. Whichever one yours is, you can always add a spice of thoughtfulness in your engagement shots.
  • 2. Playing in pj’s at home. Consider a playful day in bed. A cute pillow fight will surely do the trick.
  •  3. At sea with a beautiful sunset. You can do a modern-day Jack and Rose pose in dusk’s lovely amber haze.
  • 4. Driving off into the sunset. In a convertible with the top down beside your fiancé, the wind in your face and hair, and your favorite song blaring from the speakers is also an excellent concept for engagement photos in Gainesville, Florida.


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