10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas

The average wedding does not last more than six hours, but with a creative wedding album you can make yours last forever. Photo albums for weddings are not just stores of wedding memories. With the right wedding album ideas you can organise your photos to tell an immersive story about your love and the day you exchanged vows. 

At Vanilla Brides, new couples come to us with their visually engaging ideas for wedding albums. We help organize these wedding albums design ideas into a stunning storybook of your memorable day and our experts will craft your storybook to the highest standard, paying close attention to all your requirements. If you do not know where to start and are on the hunt for wedding album inspirations, you can start with some ideas we have compiled below. If you are yet to celebrate your wedding, we also offer affordable wedding photography services with prices that are not far from the cost of average wedding photographer.

10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas

Start With An Inviting Cover

Get unique and creative with your cover image. Where your cover should show your names, location and dates, make use of pictures of your invitation package that you sent out to your guests inviting them to your nuptials.

Add Character To Your Hardcover

Your wedding album hardcover does not have to be plain and boring. Give it character by adding accent and texture with elements from your wedding like fabric similar to the bride’s dress, or dried flowers from the wedding.

10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas

Create A Storybook With Chronology

Your wedding album is a time capsule of a love story worth reliving a thousand times. With pictures saying thousands of words, you can write the story of the day of your celebration of love with chronological images.

Express Commonalities With Collages

Take advantage of photo collages to mix up images with a similar theme. For example, a collage of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready and celebrating with a champagne toast as shown above.

Ingrid & Brian 28

Ditch The Symmetry

Make the last spread different from the next by forgoing symmetry. Create visually appealing, dramatic and engaging spreads by mixing up photo sizes with a large image creating the main theme and smaller images and other design elements acting as the supporting details.

Make It Personal With Handwritten Notes and Fonts

Add your couple personality with unique wedding album ideas like handwritten love notes, unique fonts and romantic quotations. Consider highlighting your favorite moments by adding frames and annotations throughout your storybook. Get creative and introduce your couple personality with these design elements.

10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas
10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas

Involve Your Guests

Just as your wedding is incomplete without wedding guests, so is your wedding storybook. Not only are you two coming together as one, but you are also bringing families and friends together. Add life to your album by involving your wedding guests.

Focus On The Details

Preparing for your wedding was no easy feat. Honour all your efforts towards this big day by focusing on the small details you had to go above and beyond to get right. Incorporate modern wedding album ideas and create spreads for details like your rings, the bride’s dress and shoes, and the groom’s accessories.

Amanda & Armen 2
10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas

Make Things Pop With Negative Space

Where there is  lots of negative space there is more focus on the important subjects of the photo. Combine the white spaces in your album and negative spaces in your images to give focus to the wildly important moments from your nuptials.

A Rustic Box To Store Your Memoirs

Our wedding photo books ideas would not be complete without a protective case for your album to last many lifetimes. Preserve and protect your memoirs in a box worthy of the occasion. Go rustic and also include a few artifacts from your celebrations such as dried flowers.

10 Inspiring Wedding Album Ideas