Make your wedding video unique: Best wedding video ideas

When you are planning your big day and looking for a local wedding videographer, do you also look for ideas for a wedding video, or do you want to delegate it to the specialist you plan to hire? With Vanilla Brides, you can be sure that our cameramen will think everything through and prepare to create a perfect film. But if you want to do your own research, definitely check this article, where we gathered creative wedding videography ideas, as well as pre-wedding video ideas.

TOP 10 Wedding Video Ideas

Our experience and boutique approach to photography and videography help us to suggest the best wedding videos ideas for a particular couple and customize them for a particular celebration, traditions, wishes, etc. Here we collected the main concepts we can use to shoot a film during your day.

Documentary Video

Documentary video is the most regular option couples choose, but it doesn’t devalue its worth. On the contrary, it only shows that this form has proven itself over the years as a great piece of memorabilia you will be able to share the day as it was with the next generations and loved ones who could not attend.

Cinematic Video

Cinematic video won’t depict the day chronologically, but rather will give a creative point of view to the whole occasion. You will get a movie-like film with exquisite shooting and editing techniques and wholesome storytelling.

Music Video

Creating this type of film will be definitely a big step away from traditional video, but it would definitely give a one-of-a-kind type of feeling. You can be fun and make a parody of a famous music video, or you can be sentimental and choose a song significant for your couple. Either way, you will have a short, captivating film that will make you stand out among more classical wedding tapes.

Video Booth

One of the greatest wedding video ideas for reception: why not include more of your guests and leave some place for interactive videos? If you set up a video booth and ask your guests to shoot quick fun videos, messages, or anything they would want to share. This way, you can get hilarious content with your friends and family members which you can use later for any other occasion, social media, or just to remind your close ones about their funny behavior.

Love Story Interview

An interview where the bride and the groom share the journey they have gone through together to get to this moment. Shot on the wedding day, it would look especially touching. It can also be a great addition to any other video you decided to make, or even become a part of the cinematic film that will contribute to the storytelling aspect.

First Look

The first look becomes quite popular among pairs, and more and more weddings include this stage, which usually happens before the ceremony. Again, this type of footage might become just a part of a much bigger video, but it can also work as a stand-alone film presenting the bride and the groom on their important day.

Elopement-like Video

Sometimes, couples might decide to hide from their guests for a moment to share intimate vows or just to focus on themselves. This is a great opportunity to get heart-warming footage of the pair interacting with each other and just being sincere in how they show their feelings to each other.

Wedding Bouquet POV

Add a unique angle to the video and place a small camera into the bride’s bouquet. Record the events from the bouquet point of view, and you will definitely get interesting shots to enliven the whole video.

Drone Footage

Drones have already become a common tool for professional videographers, and it is no wonder: these devices are quite affordable but able to expand the capacities of cameramen significantly. As for the wedding video shoot, drones are also helpful and can capture the outdoor ceremony or other activities from above.

Video Diaries

This idea might be a little bit ambitious and demanding, but if done, it will be footage with meaningful storytelling. The only difficulty is preparation: to get a really great diary, you should start making video entries before the actual wedding day, so the film would be even more meaningful and will cover the preparations as well.

Best ideas for wedding video messages

Wedding message video ideas are worth a separate section, as more and more couples ask their loved ones to record their wishes to later show during the reception and put into the family archive. So why not use this opportunity to have some fun and generate some creative content?

Wishes to the Newlyweds

Let’s start from the classics of wedding wishes video ideas: it is a pretty straightforward, traditional approach, but when the words are sincere and thoughtful, they will still have a lot of meaning to the newlyweds.

Advice from Your Own Experience

You can build your message around your own marriage life experience if you feel that it would be something the pair would respond well to. Combine funny stories with thoughtful advice, and you will get a great video.

Funny Story

We emphasize all kinds of fun wedding video ideas, as laughter always sells. So, if you remember some funny episode that happened to the bride and groom, use it as a basis for your video.

Welcome to the Family

Welcoming a partner of your relative to the family would be a great way to show acceptance to both newlyweds and create a greeting, supporting atmosphere inside your family circle.

A Message from a Pet

If the bride and groom are happy pet owners, they would definitely love a message from their little friend greeting them. And preparing such a video would be a cool gesture from the maid of honor, the best man, or any other person from a bridal party who decides to create such a video.

Video invitation ideas for weddings

Go beyond simple RSVP cards and create video invitations to notify your potential guests about the event.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is one of the most popular techniques for invitations. You can get as creative as you want, combine photos with animation, place yourself in different locations, etc. And it is also pretty easy to create!

Love Story Overview

Share every step of your love story to show how you have gotten to the significant decision to get married. It would be a heartwarming invitation that won’t leave anybody indifferent to your celebration.

Cartoon-Style Invitation

Want to go for something more quirky? Turn yourself and your partner into cartoon characters who will invite the guests. Though it might not be the most cost-efficient option, it will definitely set up the mood and show your vibe as a couple.

TOP 5 Pre-wedding video ideas

To make your celebration more interactive, you can watch some videos you have prepared beforehand. Check our list of creative pre-wedding video ideas.

Engagement Video

If you have a videographer present during the engagement, you can use this footage during the reception or even the ceremony.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

The must-have of any pre-wedding film ideas list is shoots from bachelor and bachelorette parties. Edit the most vivid moments from these events to show how newlyweds said goodbye to their bachelorhood!

Wedding FAQ

Do you want your wedding day to be perfect? Take your time to shoot a FAQ video for the guests and share the info they should consider beforehand, so you all will avoid possible unpleasant surprises.

Interview with exes

Not something every couple would want to do, but it can spice things up! If you have good relationships with exes, you can ask them for a short interview: it will be a huge source of jokes and amusement for everybody.

Bridal Party Introduction

Pay a tribute to your bridal party by shooting a set of videos about them: it will make their introduction to your other guests and family much easier, as well as display your appreciation for their involvement.


You can take your wedding video in any direction you wish: classy and elegant, funny and quirky, creative and out-of-box. There is no limit to the ideas for a wedding video, but the lack of skills and experience might downplay even the most superior concept. If you plan to film your wedding, moreover, if you are thinking about something more than just a chronological play-by-play shoot, we suggest hiring a specialist who has already done dozens of weddings and would be able to deliver quality footage. 
Hence, if you are still asking yourself: “Is a wedding videographer worth it?”, we will stop your doubts and give the unambiguous answer: yes! Apply to a boutique studio like Vanilla Brides to access the top talents who will guide you through every step of wedding videography. Our manager will be glad to answer any of your questions!