TOP 20 ideas for wedding photography

Looking for cool ideas for wedding photos for a picture-perfect wedding album? Every couple wants to fill their album with breathtakingly beautiful pictures. For a once in a lifetime occasion, we cannot blame them. We would rather assist with ideas for wedding pictures should you be looking for some inspiration. While stunning shots are a guarantee with Vanilla Bride’s wedding photography services, we want you to have more control over the creative photography ideas for weddings we will capture during your shoots. That is why we recommend that you provide us with a list of ideas for wedding pics that you would want to be included in your photos. If you do not know where to start, check our top 20 ideas for wedding photography below.

The Bridal Makeup

The first wedding photo idea on our list is this captivating bridal makeup shot as the bride prepares to walk down the aisle looking her most beautiful self. 

The Groom Dressing Up

In similar fashion to the bride getting ready is the suspenseful shot of the groom buttoning up as he anticipates to see his gorgeous love walking down the aisle.

The Excited and Mesmerized Bridesmaids

That “It’s officially happening!” shot with the bridesmaids looking at the bride’s engagement ring summarizes the excitement that the bridesmaids will have on the morning of the wedding. Variations can include raising a champagne toast to the soon-to-be-wed bride.

The Bride Getting Dressed

Another wedding photo idea you do not want to miss is this classic and timeless shot of a bride being assisted to fit under her wedding gown.

A Crazy Pose From The Groomsmen

Talk about unique ideas for wedding photos. Your wedding photograph list is incomplete without a shot showing the youthful side of the groom and “his boys” moments before he is promoted to the league of married men.

Walking Down The Aisle

For years, every girl looks forward to this moment, which makes it all the more important to freeze this moment in time and preserve the memory in a photo.

The Drama is in the Details

Remember to include close-up shots of important details like these wedding rings. You probably spent a good amount of time putting these details together.

A Shot Before The Altar

A momentous part of the wedding is when the lovers say, “I do”. This shot carries the memories of the vows exchanged.

The Tunnel Shot

Nothing creates a better frame for a picture than your bridal party creating a uniform tunnel through which you can walk and kiss for a lovely snap such as the one above.

First Look Photos

Capture the groom’s surprise at seeing his wife in her wedding for the first time.

First Dance

Firsts are always unforgettable moments. Your first dance as a married couple deserves a place in your wedding album.

Framed Photos

Make use of subjects around your venue that can act as a frame. For the price of wedding photographers you are paying, your cameraman should be able to spot a naturally occuring frame to make an intriguing shot like the one above.

Walking Bridal Party

Add movement to your wedding album with a shot of your bridal party walking fashionably towards the camera.

The Lift and Kiss Shot

The sight of a groom lifting his bride and locking lips in a fond and natural kiss makes for a captivating shot, with the negative space in the background putting more focus on the couple.

Cake Cutting Shot

Another rare moment to add to your album is a photo of you and your spouse cutting your wedding cake.

Bouquet Toss

Ready to pick the next bride in line? Add this fun-filled image of the bride tossing her bouquet to the single ladies to your album.

The Bridal Party Table

Something about a picture of the bridal party sitting at their table with champagne glasses before them says elegant and snap-worthy.

The Wedding Invitation Package

The beautifully designed wedding invitation package you sent out to your guests has a lot of details about your wedding which could make a good cover for your album later. Keep it in a photograph.

Sunset Shots

Sunsets make photographs more scenic. Do not miss the opportunity as the sun goes down to add that natural gold accent to your wedding photographs. 

Family Pictures

Lastly, whether it’s kids, siblings or parents, make sure to involve your family in your photos. The more the merrier. All these old and new ideas for wedding photography will make reliving your auspicious day through pictures such a heart-warming activity.