How Much Couples Spend on a Wedding Videographer in 2023

The planning of the marriage ceremony usually seems like a never-ending process, but the actual occasion will fleet before you even notice. However, the significance of the event is so vast that you will want to carry it in your memory throughout your whole life. Cooperating with a videographer is an efficient and easy strategy to achieve this.

Nevertheless, for some families, the question of wedding video prices becomes a ground to give this service up or even the whole idea of hiring such a vendor. But the truth is that the videography market is pretty wide, and it can please any audience segment having almost any budget.

The Average Price of a Wedding Videographer in the US

The average cost of a wedding videographer will vary from state to state. In areas of high living prices, the video experts will charge statistically more than in cheaper cities or towns. Well, it is not a surprise, as it works the same way for any other service. 

The national average professional wedding videography service fee would be in the range of $1000-$2500. For this sum, you will get a strong specialist who will be able to deliver a quality film and give you a few editing options. Basically, it would be a golden mean between getting a good product and staying within a moderate budget.

At the same time, if you can’t afford these prices, you can find a cheaper vendor. Most probably, it would be a beginner who wants to find his or her feet, and they might compensate for the lack of experience with high enthusiasm and a great work ethic. 

There is also a luxury segment, and you might find specialists who will bill you for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you want some expensive extras like drone shootings, movie-like post-production, and so on.

How Much Do Videographers Charge Per Hour?

Usually, you are going to be offered different wedding videographer packages that would consist not only of a definite coverage length (6, 8, 10, or even 12 hours) but added services like editing, and complementary videos (for Instagram or Facebook). Hence, it does not always make sense to count the hourly rate.

But you might still need this info, for example, if you want to add more hours after the initial negotiations. So, an average price of a wedding videographer is circa $150-$300 per hour, and adding another video specialist requires an extra $100-$200 for the same period.

What Is Included in a Wedding Videographer Package?

So let’s contemplate the packages deeper. Usually, they would consist of the next items:

  • a definite amount of time the specialist would shoot your occasion;
  • a definite number of different films of a definite length;
  • video editing;
  • audio of the event;
  • digital download, client website, or online digital delivery.

The aforementioned points are a basis that you can expand with extras from your wedding videographer’s price list. It might be drone shooting, added edits shot on the day, videos filmed on the eve of the wedding day, the involvement of the second cameraman, filming of a destination wedding, etc.

Vanilla Brides Wedding Videographer Packages

Vanilla Brides is a US nationwide boutique studio of wedding photo and video specialists that has been conquering the market for a long time. We know how to capture your most memorable day, so you will always have a chance to return to it. To give our clients the best deal, we implemented a few package options. Take a glance at our wedding photography and videography prices.


A luxe offer for a luxe wedding. For $2,499, you will get two video specialists who will capture the day with three HD cameras and provide you with a 50-minutes wedding film, a 5-minute highlight video, and a complimentary Instagram video.


With a lavish package of $1,799, you would hire one specialist who will use two devices to shoot a 30-minute wedding film and a 3-minute highlight video.


Regal, our cost-optimized proposition with $1,499, you will receive a 20-minute wedding film, and a 2-minute highlight video shot with one video specialist equipped with one device.

Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It?

Do you really need a wedding videographer? Are you really bound to budget the cost of the wedding video if you select a photographer who is fully capable to catch all essential moments alone? 

Let’s admit it: even the most talented and exquisite photos can’t convey emotions the way video does. There is action, there is motion, there are sounds, and altogether it immerses you in the atmosphere of the event, even if it has taken place decades ago.

The wedding footage can’t be compensated with photos. Instead, we will emphasize that they complement each other powerfully, creating a more interesting, detailed, and diverse coverage of every little moment that happened.

The film also will be great memorabilia to save a pivotal moment for your family and pass these memories and their value to your kids and grandkids.

How to Save Money On a Wedding Videographer?

Eventually, you managed to recognize the importance of filming the marriage ceremony, but a price list for wedding videography still challenges you. To mitigate such a situation and make this service affordable for your family, you can try and find more cost-optimized offers, as the Majestic Collection Vanilla Brides prepares for its clients.

Within this proposition, you get a wide photo and video coverage from our specialists. It will cost you $3,799, which would be significantly less than if you order these two services separately, and you will still get quality, extended shots with a lot of content pieces in various formats.

Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer Before Hiring

A camera operator will be near you throughout the whole journey, and you would wish to have a person that you are okay to be around and open up on such a precious occasion. Hence, before negotiating business details, you need to check if you click on the emotional and spiritual levels. 

To pull it off, you can use these questions to ask wedding videographers about essential things:

  • What shooting style do they embrace? How do they view the shooting for your event?
  • How do they organize work? How do they prepare for the shooting? 
  • What is their philosophy? How do they approach their work? What do they value the most?
  • If they work in a pair with other video specialists, how do they share work? 
  • How do they choose the right soundtrack for the video?
  • do they synchronize with the photographer and if yes, then how?

Basically, the answers should show if they are passionate about their profession, if they approach it with interest and best intentions, and if they are capable to deliver the film you would dream to see.


Videography is a critical aspect of your wedding day, as it contributes to its preservation for long years, hence, the price should not stop you from getting a film about such a vital event. This market is quite big, so there is a huge chance of finding an option that will satisfy you both in terms of budget and quality.