The imminent approach of the wedding date is not frightening when there are professionals near the couple. Amanda & Jackson have seen this firsthand and are happy to review the photos they’ve taken. Deciding to get married in lovely Seattle is easy: if you love nature and want to enjoy it, the choice is obvious. The couple’s first meeting under the dense crown of trees will inspire the next step – to take their vows in front of family, relatives, and friends. Camera operators and photographers help to preserve this moment not only in the memory. They are ready to support the newlyweds, share tips and create a fairy tale in person.

Amanda + Jackson │ Seattle Wedding venue

The beginning of an important event in a cozy atmosphere allows you to calm down and meet your future spouse with gratitude. The combination of beautiful nature and modern buildings will be to the taste of young and active newlyweds. You can enjoy the beauty forever because you will have unique pictures to remember. The decision to hold the event on the outdoor terrace is easy. It’s the perfect place to take photos, get some privacy, and take your first steps into a new life. The coziness, comfort, and picturesque surroundings will make the evening the first in a series of many happy family memories.