Melissa and Harrison’s wedding preparations and celebration took place at the Lauderdale Yacht Club, Florida. The stylish gathering and dancing of Harrison’s future wife’s bridesmaids added to the lightness and joy of the video. The videographer focused on the groom’s friends, who threw a real classy bachelor party with gifts and delicious whiskey. The first meeting of the couple took place on the pier. It was accompanied by tender glances and passionate kisses. There was a small buffet before the ceremony with an opportunity to take some pictures as a memento. The ceremony took place in the chapel in front of the arch decorated with fresh white flowers. Music accompaniment of wedding video perfectly conveyed the mood of the newlyweds and the guests. The videographer shot all the bright moments of the wedding from the lively dancing to the live music to the cutting of the beautiful and tasty wedding cake.

MELISSA & HARRISON | Lauderdale Yacht Club

The Lauderdale Yacht Club is located in the quietest residential area of Florida. The Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club offers the opportunity to organize both a modest celebration with a small number of guests and a lavish wedding of up to 300 guests. The beautiful waterfront canal with its yachts will add local flavor to your wedding. The banquet rooms are decorated in white and have enough space to accommodate the band and dancing. The Lauderdale staff will do their best to make your wedding a memorable event.