The wedding ceremony is a symbol of the union of two people in marriage. It creates a special atmosphere and fills the hearts of everyone present with love and joy. The newlyweds got married on the ocean. Deciding to celebrate the grandiose event, they sent invitations to the closest and dearest guests. The procession began with quiet music on the coast, when the guests gradually took their places in a beautifully decorated location. Standing at the altar are the main characters of the day, the bride and groom, Kristina+Wayne. The music gets louder, symbolizing the start of the ceremony. The wedding coordinator welcomes everyone to the ceremony and gives a short speech about the significance of the day. The couple exchanges vows, expressing their love, and promises to be there for each other in all of life’s situations.

Kristina + Wayne │ Key West

The newlyweds chose a stunning city in Florida, capable of surprising not only with its bustling modern life and architecture, but also with secluded places on the coast, where no one will bother the couple and their guests. At the end of the ceremony, the couple thanks everyone present for their support.  All participants of the celebration congratulate Kristina + Wayne and follow them to the banquet venue. There, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and a variety of beverages await, so that guests can enjoy the conversations and the celebration.