Marriage is always a peculiar sacrament where two soul mates find each other. Brandi + Sean are so sensual, tender and happy to be together that it’s hard not to notice it. In the celebratory video, the couple’s eyes lit up and their love wrapped up everyone around them. The videographer was able to capture all the main moments and the video turned out to be as cozy, warm and tender as possible. The musical accompaniment perfectly matched the wedding mood, conveying the light and airy style of their union. 

Brandi + Sean │ Key West

The location that Brandi + Sean chose is simply stunning. The ocean, sandy shore and incredible scenery created the perfect atmosphere for a long-awaited day. Key West is the “highlight” part of the Florida Keys archipelago. This place was certainly a find for the couple, as here they were able to hold an exit wedding by the water, and the main celebration already at the villa. Cruising on a boat refreshed the bride and groom and gave them memorable video footage. The combination of the color scheme of greenery with pastel tones looked appropriate and modern. The professional videographer was able to create a real wedding film that will delight the newlyweds throughout their life together.