JENNA + MICHAEL had their wedding in a rustic style surrounded by berry plantations and they surprised their guests a lot. Thanks to the great outfits and many decorations, the event was unusual, but very cozy at the same time. And the flower-decorated barn, scenery, people and even dogs make the procession romantic for a hundred percent. The ceremony begins with all the guests walking out to the majestic tree, where the lovers’ vows to each other take place. Professionals of video shooting created the perfect video, capturing the sunset kisses, the positive mood of all the guests and many more moments that are impossible to convey with words.


JENNA + MICHAEL wanted to spend their most important day in their lives in an unusual and delightful way. They arranged their wedding in a rustic style and set up with all the comforts of home. The gorgeous white wedding barn, surrounded by blueberry plantations, there were also scenery set up around it, allowing for stunning photos and wedding videos to be made as a souvenir. There were plenty of outdoor activities waiting for them and, of course, delightful nature.