The lovely couple Devin + Mattew decided to spend their happiest and long-awaited day in one of the most picturesque places in the country. Of course, they wanted to capture it all on camera. It all starts with the bride and groom preparing for the ceremony. Champagne, beautiful outfits, laughter and a sea of smiles – that’s what accompanies the stage of preparation of the lovers for the procedure of exchanging vows and rings. The shot also includes the celebration of the event, dancing, cutting the cake.

Devin + Mattew │ Islamorada

The wedding was held in a real paradise on the shore of the sparkling blue sea. This place strikes with its beauty, peace and magic. From the pier you can watch the enchanting sunset and attractive valleys. Incredible location, where all conditions for video shooting are created. An experienced videographer caught the best moments and shot them on camera. In the frame were not only the main celebrants, but also their friends and relatives. And there are a lot of quiet places where you can relax under the golden rays of the sun. The newlyweds did not fail to take advantage of this opportunity. Throughout the day, everyone was in a great mood, everyone was as relaxed as possible, which helped to make the video so captivating and touching.