Danielle + Stuart decided to organize an unforgettable wedding celebration at the Sagamore Hotel near the Atlantic Ocean in Miami South Beach. It is the best place to have a dream wedding. The videographer shot a wonderful video with everything: the first meeting, the wedding outfit, the loving glances, the parents’ happy emotions, the sincere wishes of loved ones, the beautiful views of the ocean, and the wedding cake. The ceremony took place in a romantic setting surrounded by golden beach and ocean noise.

Danielle + Stuart | Sagamore Hotel, Miami South Beach

The Sagamore Hotel is a paradise located in Miami South Beach on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. The clear weather, sunny beach, and murmur of the ocean create the perfect environment for romantic events. It is possible to choose rooms to accommodate honeymooners, and guests. There are options to suit all tastes. Open-air ceremony will never be forgotten. The newlyweds are offered various wedding packages. This will help to avoid unnecessary contacts related to the organization of the wedding, suppliers.