A wedding is something intimate and fabulous. It is a mystery and, at the same time, fun and a storm of emotions. Marie + Nolan, a couple in love, know how to have fun and “wind up” the guests. They decided to celebrate the event in the beautiful city of Charlotte in a secluded spot. They rented a large mansion, so guests could have enough space to dance and have fun. The cameraman captured moments of joy and genuine smiles, and nothing escaped the lens. In the frame, you can clearly see the charming attire of the bride, sparkling lights, with which the garden around the building was decorated, and the children frolic and enjoy this moment, and no shy lenses. The celebration went off on a high note. In the end, the guests could appreciate the taste of the food, the comfort, and the harmony that reigned everywhere.

Marie + Nolan │ Charlotte

An event that takes place in the city of Charlotte cannot fail a priori. So it is not for nothing that our couple of lovers stopped here and decided to be surrounded by nature, in the open air, to unite in marriage. Although the city is considered a financial and very active center, it also abounds with greenery, gardens, and parks, again proving its title of royalty. The couple celebrated the holiday in style in a positive mood. The video, filmed by a professional of his craft, will delight the husband and wife, children and grandchildren, and anyone who wants to remember the touching and significant calendar day for a long time.