The wedding of Bethany + Rick took place in early spring, and the feelings of the young people were strengthened together with the awakening of nature. They invited a cameraman who managed to catch important moments throughout the busy day. They decided to celebrate modestly, with friends and relatives, to feel relaxed and comfortable. The appropriate place in a luxurious mansion with a gorgeous garden and fountains added confidence and gave the lovers happy memories. The video showed the loving couple tightly holding hands, afraid to lose each other, talking sweetly in a whisper, hugging each other softly, afraid to disturb the idyll. Let it be so always! We wish to keep your trembling feelings for many years, to make them as strong as an expensive aged wine.

Bethany + Rick │ Atlanta

The beautiful city of Atlanta that is located in the state of Georgia was chosen for celebration. This place is not only a business and tourist center. The city has recently become the epicenter of attention of lovers who dream to organize a wedding. The area is not characterized by a hot climate and is suitable for important events. The right place for the ceremony is very important. In this case, the guests and the newlyweds were completely satisfied. In the evening, the bride changed into even more comfortable clothes and danced with the rest of the guests, enjoying the moment. The videographer perfectly conveyed all the details of the party, decorations, festive dishes and, of course, a three-tiered huge cake, which became the center of the whole composition.