The newlyweds decided to have a gorgeous wedding at the stunning Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Weddings, bringing together their nearest and dearest. The celebration was a success, as can be seen in the video, which was shot by the professionals in their field. The festivities began with the charming couple walking along the oceanfront while guests watched them, mentally wishing them happiness. They will long remember how the bride was swinging on a swing in her wedding dress, holding snow-white orchids in her hands and kissing her lover under the sound of the waves, how the newlyweds cut a big cake, sat by candlelight, hugged their loved ones and laughed.

ALIXANDRA + JACOB | Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Weddings

There’s no doubt the bride and groom were right when organizing an oceanfront wedding banquet. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Weddings is the place for romantic walks under palm trees and amazingly beautiful photo shoots. The newlyweds spent four days and three nights together, spoiling guests with gourmet food and pre-planned entertainment. The declaration of love and passionate kiss afterwards were left on video. After all, this is the final chord of the meeting of two hearts and its continuation for years to come.