It’s clear at the first glance that couple Alina + Joshua have been diligently preparing for their wedding ceremony. The atmosphere was both energetic and romantic at St. Johns Golf and Country Club in St. Augustine, Florida. The videographer managed to capture the happy atmosphere, the shining smiles, and the amorous looks of the newlyweds. The wedding cake and decorations of the locations were not left without attention. What can be better than an open-air ceremony in a countryside complex among the unique nature and extraordinary architecture? Unforgettable emotions of the guests and the newlyweds were preserved in a romantic movie, which the couple will undoubtedly pass on to their children.

Alina + Joshua at St. Johns Golf and Country Club, St. Augustine, Florida

St. Johns Golf and Country Club in St. Augustine, Florida, attracts visitors with its beautiful natural backdrop, and interesting architectural details. The warm cozy ambiance of the three chic lounges and outdoor lawn for wedding locations contribute to the tranquil atmosphere. It is possible to accommodate up to 225 guests. And skilled chefs will delight you with original dishes.