Reasons to get a wedding video

Wedding videographer is a very creative person with his own vision of a couple. He comes up with the scenario himself, films and then edits the wedding video. His main skill is interesting and beautiful story telling. 

The videographer uses his own vision in writing the scenario and appeals to his artistic taste when filming a wedding video. But, anyway, this specialist can convey every detail of an important day in the most natural way. Photography is the captured instant. We can stop the moment, show a charming smile, a hug of the one you love, but this will be only one frozen moment. And the videographer for the wedding will be able to keep vivid memories for you. It is one of the main reasons to hire a videographer to film a wedding.

The works of a modern videographer are often also distinguished by their short duration: it can be a clip for 3-5 minutes or a mini-film for 20-30 minutes. The videographer specializes in ensuring that absolutely all important moments will be included in your video – ceremony, wedding vows and the first dance – but at the same time, the wedding video will be not too long. This is definitely the advantage, because even the closest relatives, not to mention friends and colleagues, will get tired of watching a long two-hour movie.

Every important moment of the wedding, with all the words and emotions, cannot be captured in the form of a photo as detailed and accurate as in the form of the wedding video. Only the videographer can record the smallest, but such valuable details of your important event: the moment of putting on the wedding rings, the first dance, cutting the cake and much more!

Reporting is a unique property characteristic of a professionally made wedding video. The videographer achieves the best and most valuable results when filming not staged scenes, but the instant – everything that happens at the wedding, as it is. And many newlyweds completely refuse staged photography, and even more staged video. Do you want to see sincere joy, delight, and excitement? Then ask the videographer to make a video report from the wedding celebration for you!

In the end, the wedding videographer presents more than just live and raw material. Professional wedding video is a combination of effects, transitions, high-quality and logical splices. The right music for a wedding video or movie gives a special atmosphere and attractiveness to a wedding video. If you don’t have a suitable favorite composition, then the videographer will help to cope with that too.

Wedding videos are precious memories of moments that will never happen again! The Vanilla Brides professionals can keep them in the best way for you!

Vanilla Brides is a boutique studio, collaborative of amazing creative minds.

We know that each couple is unique. Because of that, we take our time to understand your vision for your big day. Whether it’s classic and understated elegance or bold and adventurous style, we find out what matters most to you — then flawlessly execute it.

A few years back, Alice, the founder of Vanilla and one of the best wedding photographers on the market, realized that many other photographers were spending more time on marketing, editing, and other administrative tasks than what they really love: capturing beautiful memories. This inspired her to develop a collective of courteous, reliable professionals who know how to capture your day in the most creative and efficient way.


Hassle Free From Start to Finish

We believe in wedding photography and videography services provided to you hassle free. The entire process is going to be a seamless experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the moments leading up to the wedding and the amazing day itself.

A dedicated consultant will be your partner from start to finish. They will help you pick out the perfect package, includingour most popular packages, or the ability to customize your own. Your wish is our command.

Then we’ll deliver all your treasured wedding photos and videos that highlight your day in the best way possible. It will be our pleasure to make sure documenting the entire event will be a smooth and wonderful experience. All you have to do is enjoy the many beautiful momentsthat will make your day one to remember for always.