We know that your wedding day is one you will remember for the rest of your lives. Our mission is to slow down in the moments that can seem rushed and capture a story worth reliving a thousand times.

What is an engagement session?

Engagement session is a portrait photo-shoot of you and your future wife or husband. Clients want to capture the history of their relationship before the wedding and complement the wedding album with pictures. Usually, an engagement photo-shoot is also called Love story.

What is Love story good for?

This is a great opportunity to get to know the photographer better, understand the way of his working and decide how you will be comfortable to work with him. At the wedding, you will already know what to expect and how to behave during the photo-shoot. Pictures from Love story can be shown to guests at a wedding (in the form of a slideshow from a projector) – a win-win and very touching option! And most important thing – you will receive beautiful romantic photos!

The process of engagement session

The first thing we do together is choosing a place and the time for engagement session. And then we will meet and start. Rather than just moving from one place to another and shooting a set of pre-selected poses, we will walk around and stop looking for interesting moments: beautiful light, incredible background and interesting compositional scenario, which we will use to create your portraits. For example, a photographer may ask you to walk along a beautiful alley in a park or ask you to talk to each other on any topic without paying attention to him. First of all, our task is to capture your natural feelings! If you are full of emotions and actively interact with each other, there is no need interrupt and put you in poses, natural moments are much stronger than standard poses. The reason many clients note the credibility of our photo-sessions is because of the natural moments. All you need for a great photo-shoot is you, your emotions and a beautiful location!

How to choose a place?

When it can be problematic to go to a remote location for shooting directly at the wedding, the engagement session does not have such restrictions: you do not need to rush to be in time for the beginning of the banquet or ceremony. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose a special and unusual place for your Love story. If you have a desired location for a photo-shoot, the photographer would love to hear about it!

Many clients know exactly where they want to spend it, because they have a place that is important only for them. It could be your favorite park where you had your first date or the cafe where you met. Very fond memories associated with such places charge you (and, at the same time, future pictures) with special energy. Also don’t forget about your sweet home (if you live together)! It is much easier to relax in a comfortable, familiar place. If you are unsure where you want to shoot, don’t worry! We will be happy to offer interesting locations in the city where you live.

What clothes to wear?

First of all, you need to be yourself! If you are comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt or in a cocktail dress with high-heels, that’s great! Don’t think that you need to dress a certain way. If you will be in an evening dress, make sure that your soul mate chooses a similar style. Look for colors that complement each other or belong to the same color scheme. Make sure your outfits are harmonious. If your engagement session is outdoors, dress appropriately for the weather. Professional hairstyles and makeup are optional, but can help you to feel more confident. Also it’s a good opportunity to examine your future hairdresser and stylist for smooth preparation on the day of your wedding photo-shoot.

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A few years back, Alice, the founder of Vanilla and one of the best wedding photographers on the market, realized that many other photographers were spending more time on marketing, editing, and other administrative tasks than what they really love: capturing beautiful memories. This inspired her to develop a collective of courteous, reliable professionals who know how to capture your day in the most creative and efficient way.


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