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An Indian wedding is a vibrant and joyful celebration filled with colorful traditions and rituals that last for several days. The event is adorned with an abundance of flowers, garlands, and decorations, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. The bride and groom’s attire is particularly striking, with the bride wearing a solah shringar, a dress consisting of 16 elements in classic colors, while the groom dons a sherwani, churidar, and turban. These exquisite outfits, embellished with beads, gold threads, and precious stones, showcase the couple’s divine beauty. A significant moment in an Indian wedding is the Gathabandhan ritual, where the ends of the bride and groom’s clothing are tied in a knot symbolizing the permanence of their marriage and the eternal bond of love and passion. The festivities culminate in a lavish wedding feast.

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    The uniqueness of Indian wedding videography concerns not only clothing and its decor, banquets, and unique ceremonies. To create an eye-catching wedding album and capture the uniqueness and luxury of an Indian wedding, a photographer needs to know his client’s style and expectations. What other reasons to hire a videographer and photographer in Vanilla Brides? We have been working in the wedding industry for a long time, so we know how to film and photograph a wedding of a different nationality. We can skillfully highlight your cultural traditions, all the key elements of your outfits, decor, and ceremonies. Our photographers and cinematographers give maximum attention to the shooting, and packages cover the entire process from start to finish. We also offer to create an individual service package. We will save every moment of the pre-wedding rituals of Havan, lighting of the Sacred Fire, the Mehndi (henna) party, Sangeet, and others. If you order a photographer and videographer for Indian wedding from our studio, a real team is working at your wedding. They will tell you what to do and how to behave in front of the camera and, if something happens, they will cheer you up. When booking a Vanilla Brides package, be sure to speak with your wedding consultant. Make sure that you clarify all the nuances and choose the package that will convey the vivid emotions, flavor, and uniqueness of your Indian wedding.


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